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Welcome! :)    
Welcome to Cloudshift! Stay cool and reach for the sky! 
We are a casual guild who plans on raiding Friday and Saturday nights from 6:30 P.M. server to 9:30 P.M. server. We'll also do some PvP on Tuesday nights 4PM - 6PM server. See a GM or Officer for questions or whisper someone in guild for an invite. Send Snivy, Stimulate, or Ripsawn in-game mail about any questions, comments, or concerns.

1) No drama. Keep your problems out of guild or to yourself.
2) If you do have a problem with someone in guild tell a GM or Officer and we'll deal with it. No this does not mean we'll kick the person from the guild just for you.
3) Do not take items from the GB without permission. If you see something you need ask an officer or GM about it and we can see whether you can have it or not.
4) Treat others how you would like to be treated. If any bad behavior is seen you will be treated the way you treat others or kicked but you brought it on yourself (so don't whine).
5) No sexual behavior in Guild Chat. Meaning if you're flirting or doing things like *kisses you* we will ask you to stop and take it to whispers.
6) Please refrain from starting crap with someone else in Trade Chat. It would give our guild a bad name and we would not want that. 
7) Cussing is allowed but please don't over excessively do it. I don't mind the cursing and swearing but too much of it is not tolerated.

We will need anything for our raids so if you would like to raid in MoP and have already gotten to 90 and have decent gear please message a GM or officer to get you into a raid group. If we have a full raid group we will talk to you about being a standby if someone cannot make it. If you can't make it to a raid please tell someone ahead of time. Raid times are 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM server on Fridays and Saturdays. We will start raiding in MoP. 

For PvP I, Snivy (the one who will be running the PvP groups on Tuesdays), would like to get at least a few good arena teams set up and 9 more people for rated BGs. If anyone else wants to come in and PvP AFTER we get a full RBG team then we will get more people into the PvP spirit and have practice BGs for you guys just in case you are ever called into an RBG. PvP (RBG) times will go from 4PM server to 6PM server. After that feel free to grab your arena partner and do War Games or regular arenas. If someone asks (and if we have enough people) to do a BG War Game we will do those instead of RBGs just as practice. It won't be often we do that but at least once every two months.

    Zen Master - GM
    Wind Catcher - Co-GM (This rank is only open for one person if the Co-GM decides to step down then I will do a survey for 5 members who want this rank.)
    Cloud Watcher - Officer (Only members I can trust will have this rank.)
    Hurricane - Veteran (If you have donated to the guild, helped out the guild with things, been a good member, and have been in guild for 6 months you will get promoted.)
    Tornado - Member (After being in guild for atleast a month or 2 (depending on how you act) you will get promoted.)
    Fog - Initiate (New member)

Enjoy your stay in the guild!!! 
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